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Needless to say, even the grouches and "terminally serious" persons in the audience left your presentation with their step a little lighter and the scowls erased. I wish to commend you on your ability to speak to the audience's level. I heard your presentation to the cancer patients at Riverside Hospital several weeks ago. Your empathy toward their illness and ability to speak to their needs was evident. Likewise, your intuitive understanding that our audience of physician spouses experiences stress, from various sources, and needed their humor level and self esteem raised rang true in your discourse.
Joyce Penn  – Ohio State Medical Association Auxiliary


I-POWER is a continuous improvement program that will revolutionize the way you do business. It is easily implemented in any organization or work group.

I-POWER was developed by Martin Edelston, founder and president of Boardroom, Inc.. I-POWER was instrumental in taking Boardroom from $25 million dollars a year in annual revenue to, in just four years, $100 million in annual revenue...while cutting turnover to virtually zero, doubling productivity, quadrupling sales and sending profits through the roof. And what I-POWER did for Boardroom, it is currently doing for hundreds of other companies, organizations and individual entrepreneurs across the country.

WHAT is the "I" IN I-POWER?

  • Ideas
  • Ingenuity
  • Invention
  • Incentive
  • Individual
  • Invigorate
  • Inquisitive
  • Innovation
  • Inspiration
  • Intelligence
  • Imagination
  • Improvement


The I-POWER system is in use in large corporations such as Rubbermaid, IBM, Lancome Cosmetics, AT&T, Federal Express. It is also used by hundreds of small and medium-size companies, radio stations, colleges and hospitals. I-POWER is used by non-profits such as Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Boy Scouts, public health departments, American Red Cross, and Boston College. The same I-POWER program is at work with great results at the US Military Academy at West Point and the US Navy, Atlantic Sealift Command.


I-POWER Seminar training gives you everything you need to start your own I-POWER program... use I-POWER as an organization to improve every facet of the operation... use I-POWER as a manager to markedly improve the performance of your department or work group... use I-POWER as an individual to make your job more productive, creative and interesting...

...and also how to use I-POWER in your personal life!


  • Can be implemented for the whole organization or in any sub-unit.
  • Gets people to focus on their own to get more done, do it faster, do it better, with less waste.
  • Gets people to look for small ideas for continuous improvement.
  • Encourages widespread participation.
  • Blends with and supports any TQM or empowerment program.
  • Relatively low cost and takes very little time of any one person.
  • Evaluates and responds to all ideas quickly.
  • Provides small awards and recognition for all good ideas.
  • Gets participants thinking all the time about how to do everything better.


Organizations using I-POWER report the following benefits:

...changes the way you and everyone in the organization thinks and works everyday...

...gets everyone contributing ideas and information for improvement...

...gets people working as teams...

...develops expert problem spotters and problem solvers, and opportunity spotters, too...

...facilitates openness to change...

...fosters improved communications...

...lifts enthusiasm, motivation and participation... consistent with other quality and improvement programs...

...leads directly to increased quality, productivity, efficiency and profitability... a simple program both in concept and application. It takes little time and money, and it works!!!


Steve Wilson will work with your liaison person before the Seminar to select and designate attendees. Although the seminar is open to all interested employees, it is advisable to select the most positive and enthusiastic employees for the initial I-POWER groups, to give the program a strong start. As few as 3 and as many as 35-50 may constitute a team. Participants represent groups, departments, districts, buildings, or any other feasible unit of the organization. In addition to being at a general I-POWER Training Seminar, top management may wish to have a separate I-POWER Seminar.

  • Seminars are informative, motivating and entertaining (having fun while you learn is a proven way to assure retention and application of the material).
  • Participants experience lecture, discussion, written exercises, Q&A time, and practice being part of a mini I-POWER meeting complete with awards, fun and reinforcement of their capacity to find new ways to be more productive.
  • Participants receive individual workbooks and samples of all of the I-POWER supplies: idea pads, award envelopes & cards, and copies of the I-POWER newsletter. The hardcover book, I-POWER, by Martin Edelston, is also available.

Topics covered are:

  1. A brief history of the evolution of American work practices and their role in the need for strengthening individual abilities and organizational effectiveness. Establishing the need for a system that can provide the greatest economic security for the largest number of people.
  2. I-POWER's 12 Golden Principles.
  3. The 8 unique features of the I-POWER system.
  4. How I-POWER gathers ideas.
  5. How ideas can be quickly processed and returned with feedback.
  6. How to conduct an I-POWER meeting.
  7. How to organize your I-POWER Team.
  8. Materials and Resources you need to get started.
  9. I-POWER awards.
  10. The I-POWER log book.


Those who will actually become the I-POWER steering committees (I-POWER Teams) spend an additional half-day with Steve Wilson to learn the details of implementing the system in their particular groups or departments. The session --which can take place either before or after the Seminar Training-- consists of intensive review, anticipating the most effective ways to get started, learning the system for evaluating and processing ideas for improvement, deciding who should be in the first I-POWER Group, how to gather ideas, when and where to meet, and structuring the I-POWER awards. This is an opportunity for staff to receive close individual attention and encouragement.

Several of these teams can attend the Coaching Seminar at the same time. The teams are made up of persons who have some seniority and are well-respected by the participating group. (At least one of them should be able to use computer word processing and be good with details.)


Boardroom, Inc., and The Greenwich Institute for American Education, have trained, certified and endorsed Steve Wilson as a consultant trainer. He is authorized to deliver I-POWER training exclusively to corporations and organizations.



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